Interior Formatting Only

Price: $24.95

This package is if you need the interior only of your book formatted to Amazon KPD format.

A cover design WILL NOT be provided.

This package offers the simplest formatting and you must provide us with a Microsoft Word Document of your book.

We will not accept PDF’s.

This is also a basic formatting and this package does not include any fancy formatting, design, table graphics, footnotes/index, images (children books are not accepted with this package).

You will get a very basic formatting with a table of contents, Author’s Name and Book Title in the headers, and page numbers. Your document will be formatted according to Amazon KDP specifications based on the paperback size you choose.

Just The Cover – 2 Options

Price: $24.95-$59.95

This package is only if you need a cover designed, and IT DOES NOT INCLUDE interior formatting. There are two prices for this package.

Just the Cover 1 – $24.95

If you already have a cover designed; let’s say your book is already published with the major ebook retailers. You can email us your book cover along with your specifications* and we will add a spine and a back cover based on your selected paperback.

Just the Cover 2 – $59.95

Do you need a full cover created from scratch? Send us your stock photos (up to three) with your selected fonts and we will create a professional cover for you.


KDP Basic Formatting – Interior and Cover

Price: $34.95

The Basic formatting is a combination of the two packages:
(a) The ‘Interior Only’ package to the Amazon KDP specification; and

(b) The ‘Just the Cover 1’ package.

We will format your interior based on the Interior Only specifications and create a back cover and a spine based on your already created cover.  You should not order this package if you already have your full book cover designed.

Professional Formatting

Price: $79.95

This package is for more complicated formatting. You supply us with a Microsoft Word Document and this package entitles you to formatting to the Amazon KDP specification,  including up to 20 charts/graphs/images, up to 10 footnotes, and some bullet points. This package is mainly for non-fiction books. You must supply us with all images and additional fonts required.

Advanced KDP and eBook Formatting

Price: $150.00

This package includes:

1. The Professional Formatting Package above;

2. KDP Standard Cover Design from scratch – Adobe Photoshop and PDF formats;

3. Interior formatted books provided to you in both MS Word and PDF formats;

4. Book provided to you in EPUB ebook file format; and

5. Book provided to you in MOBI ebook file forma

NOTE – You must submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format. You must also supply all images and additional  fonts required.